#MotivationMonday, Part II

LaShonda Delivuk’s Motivation Monday has been a fun, inspiring weekly read. She takes local women (and occasionally men) on a photo adventure, and then introduces them in a blog post.

This summer, after years of wearing braids, LaShonda decided to go natural with her hair (doesn’t she look fabulous??). This transformation sparked an idea of doing a unique Motivation Monday post where we photographed each other during the session. We met at Speakertree on 5th Street for some exploring, conversation and photo-making.

LaShonda is one of those highly driven women who is always inspiring and on-the-go. By day, she’s half of Life Focus Pictures, a local video production company. She also brought the 48 Hour Film Project to Lynchburg last year, an instant hit doubled in its second year, is a member of our local Rotary Club, and sits on a few local boards and committees with an eye for the arts in Lynchburg. Her true love is theater, something she studied at Liberty, and can still be found in a local production from time to time.

Perhaps the only complaint about our photo session is that we didn’t have much time to talk since we were alternating between photographer and model! But that just means we’ll have a coffee date sometime soon!

Without further ado, here’s the radiantly joyful LaShonda.

LaShonda MM 01 and 05 LaShonda MM 03 and 04 LaShonda MM 04 LaShonda MM 05 LaShonda MM 06 LaShonda MM 07 LaShonda MM 13 LaShonda MM 11 LaShonda MM 10 and 12 LaShonda MM 08 and 09 LaShonda MM 15 LaShonda MM 14 LaShonda MM 16

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