Renaissance woman; or, my mantra for 2015

I just had a meeting with a friend/consultant (there needs to be a word for that), and it was one of those conversations that you see yourself reflected in so many ways [edit: that sounds so narcissistic….I mean it in the kindred spirit way]. This time, it was her entrepreneurial drive and desire to do so many things just like, oh someone I know. Because I write and photograph and quilt (!?!?) and paint and want to own a cafe and well, yes, hello. This feels like such a theme among my friends, who are teachers AND mothers AND writers AND quilters. Etc. I know more than a few business women with multiple plates in the air, and we’re all insatiably curious and hungry for projects and possibilities.

I’m learning that I can do most or all of those things, but not all at once. That any aspect of my life needs time and attention to thrive: first and foremost my relationship with my children and husband, but throughout my professional pursuits. And the seams of my quilts, which show my impatience oh so well if I don’t slow down.

And, as I tell the students I work with so often, you cannot be everything at once. That there can be stages in life, that I can do one thing and then maybe do another later. That we’re never, ever stuck.

This is short, but sweet: patience, attention, time, quality over quantity. I want to simultaneously create my list of dreams and narrow it down to what I can realistically do well. To create a list of things that could wait until a better time.

So, my mantra for 2015:

I cannot be everything at once. I cannot do everything at once. My dreams are worthy of pursuit. I will learn that patience and dedication are as important as dreaming big. I will allow my current work to flourish by giving some dreams time to incubate until I can give them my full attention, too.

some dreams will wait