On bringing baby “home”

And so it is…I wrote this on April 2, and just realized it’s been sitting in draft mode this whole time. Can we say newborn fog?!


I am sitting on a king size bed, a tray of room service on one side (how lucky that the hotel restaurant serves Peruvian cuisine) and my sleeping newborn on the other. Tomorrow is her due date, but she’ll be five days old, picture of health, except we are not home yet.

A week and a half ago, Farhan had the flu. Then, on Sunday when the kids were supposed to come meet their new sister, Sofia started throwing up and by the end of the day, was running a low grade fever. Our pediatrician suggested the hotel, since there’s no way to quarantine a newborn at home from excited new siblings who don’t understand things like spinal taps or NICU (both very likely outcomes if our wee one caught the same bug).

So, here we are. Mama and baby Hannah, getting a little more uninterrupted bonding time. Sofia has been fever free for 24 hours, and has kept food down since lunch yesterday. We’re playing it safe and making sure nothing changes (or that Adeel and Farhan don’t come down with it tonight), but I should finally be going home tomorrow.

This quiet has been wonderful. Perhaps because she’s the third child and I’m a little more accustomed to both postpartum and newborn care, or perhaps it’s the wonderful sunshine through my window, Peruvian treats, and a sweet, laid back baby girl…this time around feels different. I feel calm, capable. Or maybe it’s just a softened version of the first week’s euphoria. After all, there are a lot of sleepless nights ahead.

I think it helps that it’s spring. This is my first spring baby, and the longer days will go far to combating the baby blues.

Last night was the first night of waking every two hours…so, I’m signing off to eat some food and get ready for an early bedtime.

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